Privacy Policy

Effective Date Jan 25, 2019

What We Collect

Our Time To Think (OTTT) stores your name, your Slack workspace name, and your Slack authorization token so that we can change your Do Not Disturb (DND) status in Slack.

OTTT uses 3rd-party payment processing and does not store any credit card information in our systems or logs.

Our webservers log your visits including your IP address and we use cookies on this website to track your login status.

What We Do With Data We Collect

Your data is never shared with any entity for any reason unless required by law or resulting from another entity purchasing OTTT as a business.

Customers of paid plans may be contacted via email regarding service or payment information, or occasionally about new features in OTTT.

Your Slack permissions allow us to read the members of your Slack channel so that we can set their DND status as well as yours. Each member will need to give OTTT permission in order to participate in OTTT sessions.

Removal of Your Data

You can remove all of your data by requesting an account deletion from the dashboard, or by contacting us.


If you have any questions, please contact us.